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Digital Stickers - 365 Dated Daily Stickers - Kraft

Digital Stickers - 365 Dated Daily Stickers - Kraft

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Let this 365-piece collection of digital stickers make your journaling pages come alive with easy-to-use, realistic and beautiful date labeling.

365 stickers, one for each day of the year, neatly organized in a sticker book for easy access and use!


Want these Dated Daily Stickers in White instead?

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What is included?

Files included:
❋ 1 Goodnotes file with stickers
❋ 1 zip file with stickers

If you use Goodnotes App, the stickers will be prepared in a Goodnotes file for ease of use.

Return policy & license

Please note that this is a digital product and no physical product will be shipped.

Due to the nature of digital files, all sales are final and no returns will be accepted.

Please review the listing thoroughly before purchase. If you feel unsure if this is a product for you, feel free to send me your questions to and I will assist you.

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For personal use only. These files may not be resold, recreated, redistributed, or reproduced in any shape or form.