Free Digital Planner

Free digital notepad / free digital planner for Goodnotes, Zoomnotes etc. The notepads are in portrait mode and comes with free digital stickers.

 This is what you'll get:

  • 5 undated portrait journals
  • Stickers to decorate the cover page.
  • A Canva template to create your own extra pages

I’m currently using this notepad as a brain dump, a messy notepad and a place to write down everything and anything without the pressure to make it pretty.

My best tip to get the ideas flowing and actually use the notepad as you would use a physical one: use a large pen size so that it's impossible to make it aesthetic.

My tips to use the free digital planner / notepad as a messy notepad with brain dumps, to do list etc.

The notepad is versatile and can be used for anything you like. The best part is that it's undated so you can use one as a brain dump, another as an aesthetic, monthly planner and a third for your morning pages. The possibilities are endless! 

Here are 3 gorgeous examples from our community 😍

3 examples of how to use the digital notepad 

Click here to sign up for the freebie vault to download the notebooks 🎉 


 Have fun with your new goodies 🥰 / Elin

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Thanks so much! I love playing with your elements!

Nancy Babb

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