Meet Elin

Hi! 👋 I'm a computer science student who needs beautiful planning tools to stay sane, but at the same time, I'm a girl with a touch of OCD who can't keep using a bullet journal if I’ve made an error on one page.

I've always been creative and I began to make my own planners when I started university 4 years ago and creating digital planners quickly became my creative hobby.

After more than 1500 satisfied customers and many versions of planners, I realized that I had made planners based on the ”standard perception” of a planner rather than making the perfect planner I would love to use everyday. I couldn’t get into the routine of using my own planners every day since something was missing.

Because of this, I decided to make the perfect planner for me. I wanted a planner that:

  • Looks great even when it's empty.

  • Is easily customizable! Some weeks I want daily planner pages, other weeks I don't. Some weeks I want a schedule in my weekly spread and other weeks I want to use to-do lists.

  • Looks realistic.

So I created and launched the realistic collection with digital bullet journals / digital planners and digital stickers that are realistic and look beautiful as is. When I finished the first one, it just clicked and I knew that I had found the ideal design and style for ME.

Today, I use my planners and journals every day and hope to help others like me that don't feel that the classic planner setup works for them.